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The "ISOTIS" project is aimed at the introduction of a single platform for the development of blockchain projects in all areas of activity.

The strategic mission of the ISOTIS project
The dissemination of the values of blockchain technology as a resource for increasing transparency in all spheres of the economy and public relations. Along with the economic component and high marginality of the project, its social and axiological content ensures the long-term future of the platform and the possibility of forming a common ideology of information openness, data protection and rational distribution of information flows among the team.
Who will help our project?
Saves money on implementation and sourcing professionals, displays the processes of implementation of blockchain outsourcing. Gets the token for payment of services or increased access to the platform.
Connected between programmers and business, allowing companies to assess the need for implementation of blockchain or purchase tokens in implementation services of the blockchain.
Programmers will find orders for blockchain development and ready-made templates for work on the "ISOTIS" platform.
Business solution
Option 1
Business project life cycle
Experiments giving birth to a new project that has a market demand. A business model is created.
The possibility is estimated from their number selected is viable. The business model is gradually becoming stable.
The business idea is implemented in the form of a business unit that rivals competitors for the preservation and expansion of its market share.
The decline caused by the emergence of new competitive offers on the market, the decrease in demand for the product.
Any questions? We have the solution!
At the last stage there are questions:
Isn't it time to close some projects?
Shouldn't you invest in new opportunities?

There is a solution: implement blockchain!
Blockchain provides data security
Reduces labor costs
Saves time and money
Creates transparency of management
Increases the investment attractiveness of the company

You can implement blockchain at any stage of your business:

Origin-blockchain is a means of attracting investors and a competitive advantage over competitors.

The expansion of the company-blockchain allows to unify the processes of data transfer and storage, which simplifies the work of the Manager.

Business stability-blockchain serves as an excellent investment of excess funds, as it reduces risks and stimulates the improvement of the IT staff skills.

Crisis-blockchain allows to optimize the staff and budget of the company through reducing the cost of information management, logistics or personnel.

Project ISOTIS has launched an official Bounty-campaign! What's the meaning of that?
We invite everyone to participate in the development of the project and accept any help that can promote the project, successful sale of tokens, improve the quality of the product.
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Writing articles
We reward you for writing author's articles on the use of the Protocol and the token KIT, technical plan, business, entertainment or other areas.
Publications on thematic sites, blogs, groups help our community grow and are rewarded with tokens.
Help in product improvement and development
We need your help to improve the software, find bugs, translate materials into the languages of the world. Let's create a project together!
Get tokens for invited friends
Invite your friends and get rewarded as soon as they purchase tokens.
First 50 buyers
Purchase 6 months later for 300% of the price to investors from the category of "pioneer" (first 50 buyers)

50,000 tokens
80% bonus on completion of the pre-sale to investors " the Golden whale" (an investor who has bought 50 000 tokens and more)

100,000 tokens
Participation in development for investors in the "partner" (with more than 100,000 tokens are guaranteed participation in 3 orders

150,000 tokens
Super – king bonus of free access to the platform for a year (with purchase of 150,000 tokens)

Are you still thinking?
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1) Adaptive neural networks

2) Blockchain in Go, Java and JavaScript

3)Private transaction channels according to the algorithm KIT

4)The system of fingerprint authentication for critically valuable information on technology "finger wallet"
1)High relevance due to the growing demand for blockchain solutions

2)The solution of the problem of a single infrastructure for the development of blockchain projects

3)The possibility to make an initial estimation of blockchain applicability for a particular company

4) Simplification of work and enhancement of ergonomics for programmers

5) Unification of a blockchain-ecosystem and its integration within a single universal platform

6) The opportunity of direct investment into blockchain technologies

The platform ISOTIS connects business and programmers through the orders for the development of the blockchain for commercial companies and government agencies
1) The perfect job for programmers - freelancers with ratings and bonuses;

2) An ideal investment for investors in blockchain technology;

3) Ideal for companies - high adaptability of the source code and protection of personal information for customers;

4) Perfect organizational model. The project is created as a virtual Corporation with a multidivisional structure that provides permanent employment for all participants and increase brand value with minimum material costs;

5) Optimal financial model. The payback period with the growth rates of tokens is less than two years.

1) Marketing project

2) Developed and tested algorithms for every type of companies

3) Launch online platform

4) Development of interface between customers and programmers
How does it work?
The following blocks, corresponding to the levels of access to the platform, are formed for the companies
The project is formed as an online platform with accounts for client companies, investors and project administration.
1. Assessment of the blockchain implementation in the company
At this stage the client fills out the following data about the company - the number of employees, turnover, industry type, the level of transnationalisation, the length of the production cycle, the number of customers, the availability of warranty terms and conditions of service. On the basis of these data, the system processes the obtained data and on the basis of the algorithm developed by the experts, calculates the timing of the implementation of the blockchain-technologies in the company, its cost, economic efficiency and risks. Based on the obtained blockchain analysis, the company decides on the need of implementation of this technology.
2. Development of a blockchain system for the company
At this stage, the company can take advantage of two options.

2.1. The use of the finished algorithm. The platform will provide blockchain algorithms for each industry and company size that can be used for adaptation at the level of a specific organization. The availability of a ready-made program kernel will reduce the cost of implementation up to 70% and accelerate blockchain technologies implementation.

2.2 Adaptation of the algorithm to the order of the company. In this case, the company provides all the information about the required blockchain system to the platform administration, which further adapts the existing templates for the individual company. As a payment, the project's tokens can be used, which have their market value. The choice of the necessary option is carried out by the company's management proceeding from the interests of the management, the specifics of work and the level of information confidentiality.

3. Implementation of the blockchain system in the company
At this stage, the system launch and its performance evaluation are carried out. Besides, its adaptation takes place taking into account the revealed issues or opportunities for its improvement.
4. Monitoring of blockchain technologies
The company registered on the platform can run a monthly report on the progress of the blockchain implementation. Based on this report, the system automatically generates recommendations for the blockchain system enhancement and their economic assessment.
5. Participation of the company in a blockchain community through the generalization of implementation results and the information exchange with partner companies within one industry or related fields of activity.
The exchange of information allows popularization of the company as a technological leader and attraction of new customers, partners or investors. The function of information gathering allows the company to integrate best practice in the field of blockchain and make the project the leader in the field of distributed ledger technology within thin the platform.
About the project
"Our project is focused on the dissemination of blockchain values and their promotion in terms of interpretation of blockchain as a new paradigm of the information society aimed at solving of the existing problems of transformation and storage of information."

Marat Taychinov, Co - founder
"The conceptual aspect of the project is focused on the achievement of benchmarks in the distribution of blockchain as a special culture along with the current operational and personnel goals, which will make the project a means of promoting the entire cryptocommunity in the modern world, as a way of interaction between people and organizations, which is regulated primarily by the two bilaterally accepted values of transparency, openness and protection of data."

Denis Hasanov, CEO of ISOTIS
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